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Our website contains Active content / Active controls / ActiveX for the purpose of viewing Flash video and slide shows.

Your browser may worn you about Active content and restrict you from viewing it / ask you if you wish to allow the content.

Our Active content is souly for viewing our video and slide clips and contains no hidden programmes for collecting informaton from you or for loading hidden

programmes onto you computer.

Wedding Right ©   the name is copyrighted and thus cannot be used by any person or party as a name for a business or any other organisation or product.

Wedding Right ©   will ensure that our equipment and materials are functional and opperated within the boundries of  Health an Safety legislation and the law, maximising the safety of staff, affiliates and clients and their patrons alike.

However, Wedding Right ©   will accept no responsibility whatsoever for personal injury and / or damage to possessions as a result of careless and /or callous behaviour on the part of the client, any patrons the client may or may not be entertaining or any associates or family of the client.

Deposits for Services will be Manditory on Booking Date and cannot be paid at any later date

Deposits will range from 30% of total cost for non-preparation hungry services such as Photography and Video to 50% for services such as Catering and Venue Hire

and 70% for Services such as Themed Weddings and Custom Carraige Manufacture

*PLEASE NOTE that in instances where custom work has been carried out such as in the instance of costumes manufacture for Themed Weddings and the manufacture of your very own

Carriage (one of a kind) designed just for you - No Deposits are refundable under any circumstanses

Balance of Fees and Costs of Services will be strickly payable not later than Two (2) weeks prior to function date

Deposits will only be refunded in situations where it is reasonably deemed that circumstances resulting in the cancellation of service prior to event date OR seasation of service on the day of the event was in no way controllable or avoidable by the client, patrons of the client or associates or family of the client. A partial refund will be applicable in some circumstances.

Refunds will be forthright in the following circumstances:

In any instance where the cancellation or seasation of service was due solely to Wedding Right ©  failure, in cases for instance of death of a staff member or gross malfunction of equipment.

In any instance where cancellation or seasation of service was due to an act of a Government Authority (where client et al were in no way responsible), in cases for instance of general public safety or national security.

In any instance where cancellation or seasation of service was due to natural desaster or act of terrorism.

Partial Refunds will be forthright in the following circumstances:

Cancellation by the client after the last two weeks have commensed prior to function date.

*Partial Refunds will NEVER exceed 50% of Deposit paid and in most instances will only amount to a maximum of 30% of Deposit Paid


Wedding Right ©  and its associates will strive at all times, with pride and zeal, to deliver the best service possible, however,

please take note of the following:

Aggression towards our staff and / or our associates and the threat of damage to our equipment or materials or that of out associates equipment or materials

will not be viewed lighty.

To ensure that we can afford to use the best quality of equipment with backup with the best quality of service at the best possible price

Our Equipment and Materials are NOT insured

Already our Public Liability Insurance (for the safety of You and Your guests) and Our Public Performance Lisences and Music Rights Lisences are a substantial cost of which we cannot avoid.

The threat of violence and / or the act of violence, the threat of damage and / or act of damage or vandalism WILL result in the IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION of our service and the removal of ourselves and our equipment off of site and location and the authorities contacted immediately.

Furthermore, damage and /or assult will result in charges to the full extent of the law. Legal action will ensue to recover losses and more.




Wedding Right ©  can and may at any time change and or update information on the website without warning, certain features may at times not be available and or may be disfunctional - in such instances Wedding Right ©  accepts no responsibility for inconvenience, loss or misunderstandings that visitors or customers to the site may incure or experience.

Wedding Right ©  the website does contain links to other web sites or third parties and are provided for convenience - Wedding Right ©  does, however, accept no responsibility for loss(including but not limited to viruses, malware and trojan damage), complications or misunderstandings encured by any visitor as a result of following a link to another website even in the case of our affiliates websites. We are in no way responsible for, or endorsing any content that may be contained on these websites, even in the case of our affiliates.



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